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How to fit a Fiamma Bike Rack to a Motorhome ?

How to fit a Fiamma Bike Rack

Fitting a Bike rack to a motorhome can be a daunting process, the prospect of drilling holes in your expensive pride and joy can be off-putting for many, but those adept DIYers can proceed to install a Fiamma Bike rack themselves following some guidelines laid down below.

Before purchasing and fitting a Fiamma bike rack it would be advisable to speak to your local dealer or the manufacturer to ascertain if the rear wall of your Motorhome has any strengthened points suitable for bike racks to be fitted through.

Do you have sufficient payload available for the added weight of a bike rack and associated bikes ?

Typically a Fiamma bike rack will weigh anywhere between 5Kg all the way up to 18Kg (Lift 77 Bike rack) and then typically the maximum weight capacity is 60Kg for a 4 Bike rack. So you could be looking at 80Kg worst case.

The other consideration when fitting a fiamma bike rack or any other Motorhome Bike racks is the added length to your vehicle. Most of these bike racks can be folded up when not in use but they still add length even put away with no bikes on them. If you have a short driveway this might make a difference !

The rear of your Motorhome layout can affect the location and type of bike rack you can fit. If you have a rear window you may have to sacrifice opening this as a bike rack may obscure it or opt for a much shorter height bike rack like the Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro C which is designed for these purposes.

If the only place you can mount a fiamma bike rack is high up then you may want to opt for specialised models like the Fiamma Lift 77 which via the use of a handle can be wound down easily to waist level to put the bikes on to the rack before winding it back up. This may be also of use to you if you suffer from a heart condition and are not allowed to lift weight above a certain height.

Once a suitable location is found on the rear then you also need to ensure that the mounting bolts which go through the entire bodywork are not going to foul anything on the inside of your van, that they are accessible as you will need to place a metal rectangular spreader plate (8 x 4cm) on to the two coach bolts for each bracket and they this is secured in place via Nyloc nuts as shown in this image


Fiamma do provide cover up plastic covers for these plates/bolts which are approx 8.5 x 4.5 cm as shown below but you need to ensure there is sufficient space to accommodate the plates and these covers on the inside wall of your vehicle.








Once you have the location in place, drill your first brackets holes and bolt the first bracket in place, ensuring sikaflex or an equivalent sealant is used to ensure watertightness, this can then be used as the exact start point to reference for the remaining 3 brackets. Ensure you do not over tighten the nuts as the construction of the rear wall of some motorhomes can be sandwich type material.

Note: some Fiamma bike racks have a support rail instead of 2 individual brackets for the bottom of the rack but the same 2 bolts per side and spreader plates.

One thing to bear in mind if you do fit The Fiamma Lift 77 bike rack is this has much larger spreader plates (12 x 10cm) due to the increased weight of the bike rack.





Pre-fitted Mounting brackets

If you already have manufacturer supplied Fiamma brackets pre installed on your motorhome then our handy guide below will help to identify which Fiamma cycle rack will fit.

fiamma carry bike measurements


Measure the width between your brackets centre to centre and then the gap vertically centre to centre on the brackets and then use the handy table below to ascertain which Fiamma bike rack will fit. Note some bike racks have telescopic vertical poles and so they have a minimum and maximum height gap.

Fiamma Bike Rack Fiamma P/N Bracket Width (cm) Min Height (cm) Max Height (cm)
Trigano 02093-57- 60 39.5 39.5
Pro C E-Bike 02094B13A 60 40 50
Pro C 02094-10A 60 40 50
Pro C N 02094-10V 60 40 50
CL 02093B87A 60 40 50
L80 02093-59- 80 40 50
Knaus – Eifelland 02093-29- 60 40 50
Pro M 02094-11A 60 50 80
Pro M N 02094-11V 60 50 80
Lift 77 E-Bike 02093E43A 60 68 108
Lift 77 02093B43 60 68 108
VW T2 02093B63A 60 76 76
Pro E-Bike 02094B12A 60 80 150
Pro (Black) 02094-09A 60 80 150
Pro N 02094-09V 60 80 150
UL 02093B86A 60 80 150
UL 48 02094A04A 80 80 150
Pro Autotrail 02093-98- 94 80 150
Ford Custom 02094B07A 91 87 87
VW T5 Pro 02093E71A 128 88 88
VW T6 Pro 02094B08A 128 88 88
Pro Hymer 02093A64 60 90 135
200 D 02093A15A 60 90 118
Caravan Active E-Bike 02094A06A 90 92 92
Caravan Active    02094-05A 90 92 92
Backpack 4×4 02093B38   94 94
VW T3 02094-19A 60 94.5 94.5
Merc V Class Premium 02094B14A 90 95 95
XLA Pro 200 E-Bike 02093E32A 90 100 100
Caravan Universal 02093-76- 80 100 180
Caravan Hobby 02093-77- 60 101 101
Simple Plus 200 02093-36- 60 110 145
Mercedes Viano 02093B75A 90.5 110.5 110.5
200 DJ Ducato 02093G89A   115.5 115.5
VW Crafter 02094-21A   116 116
200 DJ Sprinter 02093B93A   120 120
Mercedes V Class Lift E-Bike 02094A015 90 123 123
VW T4 02094-18A 60 138 138
Vito 02093A05A 60 138 138
VW T4 D 02094-22A 35 138.5 138.5
VW T5   02094-17A 128 142 142
VW T6   02094-20A 128 142 142
Vivaro 02093B72A 60 143 143
VW T5 / T6 D 02093B79A 30 144 144
Renault Trafic D 02093B74A 55 144 144
Ford Transit 02093-60- 60 150 150