Where is the S/N (Serial Number) of the awning?

The S/N of the awnings is on the internal side of the leadbar (F35/Caravanstore) or on the right arm (F45/F65/Eagle); in order to read it you must open the awning.

What awning can I install on my vehicle?

The choice of the awning depends on several factors: type of vehicle (motorhome, caravan, van), and type of structure. Our catalogue provides useful information to understand which is the suitable product for you. For specific information we always recommend that you consult your dealer.

What is the difference between F45 and F65/F80 ?

The fundamental difference between these two models is that F45 is suitable for installation on the wall of the vehicle while the F65 on the roof of the vehicle. The choice must be made according to the shape of the vehicle; when possible (when the wall of the motorhome is flat and with no windows, etc.) is always better to choose an F45..

Are the installation adapter brackets standard delivered with my awning?

A standard set of adapters (Kit AS 120 or Kit AS 400 or Kit AS 400 L) is delivered with every F45 S and F45 L awning. We also have many other adapter kits specially designed for specific vehicles.

The F45 Eagle awnings are delivered with full length AS bracket.

The Caravanstore and the F35 Pro can be installed in the caravan awning rail where possible, otherwise you can order separately specific adapters.

The Fiamma F65/F80 awnings are always supplied without adapters as the mounting system is different depending on what type of vehicle you have, so you have to order the installation brackets separately..

Can I equip my Fiamma awning with a 12V motor afterwards?

Only the F45 S, F45 L and F65 / F65 S can be equipped with a 12V motor afterwards. Caravanstore and F35 Pro can not be motorized.

Fiamma ZIP can receive the motor kit even if not suggested.

Do Fiamma awnings always include a central rafter?

Not always. All F45 and F65/F80 awnings from 4.00m length are standard delivered with central tension rafter with the exception of the Eagle versions.

One Rafter Caravanstore (Item No. 03888-01-) is standard included in the Caravanstore 4.10m and 1 Rafter + 1 Caravanstore Support Leg in Caravanstore 4.40m.

In all other awning lengths the Rafter must be acquired as an optional accessory.

Does my awning have support legs?

Yes. Support legs are included in all our awnings from 2.00m lengths onward. They are attached permanently to the awning and fold up inside the case when the awning is closed.

Our Eagle awnings are self supporting and do not include support legs.

What is the difference between fixing the support legs on the floor or on wall (using the appropriate brackets supplied as standard)?

It is always necessary to use support legs when opening an awning.

The only exceptions are the Eagle models, which, not having the legs, are equipped with reinforced arms and structure.

Fixing the legs to the ground, with the proper pegs, or on the wall of the vehicle with the suitable brackets, are both correct methods of operation.

What can be used to clean my awning fabric?

The best way to clean it is to use water with a cloth or a soft brush.
If it is very dirty, add some degreasing detergent to the water. Make sure to rinse carefully any remaining detergent on the fabric.

How far can I extend the awning?

You can unroll the awning stopping at any distance you prefer.
When the awning is fully extended, the fabric can sag lightly, just roll it back for about one turn to put it in tension again.

Can I use my awning to protect me from the rain?

The awning is meant to shelter you from the sun and moderate rain.

Therefore, we recommend you to close the awning in case of strong wind, heavy rain or snow.

For moderate rain use the central rafter and lower one leg to allow water running off.

Water pooling can stretch the fabric causing faulty closing. Be careful because the fabrics with this kind of problem are not covered by warranty.

Can I drive when my Caravanstore is mounted?

For small and longer distances, you can leave the Caravanstore mounted on the vehicle. Please consider that the vibrations can make the awning beat against the wall of the vehicle, causing noise and damaging the wall of the vehicle.

On which awnings can the Privacy Room be installed?

Privacy Room is designed for F45s and F45L awnings. F65s and F65 only if installed on Fiat Ducato after 06/2006 and on Caravan. The Privacy Room cannot be fitted on models produced before the F45 Elegance.
The Kit Privacy O (which is standard delivered with the Privacy Room) allows the installation of the Privacy Room on Omnistor 5002, 5003, 4900 and Tristor2 awnings too.

Privacy Rooms

an I install the Privacy Room for F45 on a motorhome with an F65 mounted?

Normally no, but there are rare cases in which it is possible.

Is the Privacy Room a tent awning?

No, the Privacy Room is not a tent and it needs to be mounted on an awning.

The Privacy Room offers you extra space and also the possibility to sleep in it when the weather is nice.

Please note that the Privacy Room is not a permanent tent and needs to be close in case of storm and wind.

Can the Privacy Room be used in Winter when snowing?

No, it is certainly not suitable. Even a thin layer of snow causes a heavy weight on the awning. This can lead to serious damage.

Is the installation kit standard delivered with the Privacy Room?

Yes, the installation system is standard delivered with the Privacy Room (panels+aluminium structure), together with the Mega Bag (Large strong bag, suitable for transporting goods in the storage compartment or the Privacy during travelling).

Is there a side or front panel that I can use on my awning?

Yes, as an alternative to the tents (Privacy Room), Fiamma offers front (Blocker) and side panels (Side) in different versions and lengths.See

Bike Racks

Is the rear wall of my vehicle strong enough to install a Carry-Bike?

Most of the vehicles don’t show any problem when mounting a Fiamma Carry-Bike, but we suggest for you to contact the dealer or the manufacturer of your vehicle in order to locate the most suitable installation points on the back of your vehicle (as they differ depending on the manufacturer).

Can I carry electric Bikes on the Carry-Bike?

Carry-Bike Lift 77 and the models for the garage facility are ideal for transporting electric bikes, possibly with the addition of the optional Rail Premium E-Bike.

We suggest you place the Rails Premium E-Bike near the wall of the vehicle and for you to remove the batteries of electric bikes so as to limit the weight on the wall.
In accordance with the capacity of the Carry-Bike, a maximum of 2 E-bike rails can be used, each can carry up to 30 kg.

Can I carry my motorcycle on the Carry-Bike?

No, Fiamma Carry-Bikes have been designed for the exclusive transport of bicycles. Even if your motorcycle doesn’t exceed the maximum load of the Carry-Bike, this value is calculated to uniformly distribute the weight on the structure; an excessive weight, like that of a scooter, localized on a single rail, is not allowed.

The plastic signal for protruding loads (Plastic Signal Item No. 98782-005) can be used in Italy?

Unfortunately a Plastic Signal is not approved in Italy and therefore it does not meet the requirements of the law. The Alu Signal (aluminium) is approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport and is therefore suitable.

Can I install additional Rails on my Bike Rack for more Bikes ?

Yes some bike racks can accommodate additional rails and arms, these are available here