Fiamma Privacy Room – Ultra Light

The cool and ultra light Privacy Room that can be assembled in just a few moments.

[1] Front panel: removable, equipped with Crystal full light window with standard curtains and door
[2] Side panels: with roll-up blind and mosquito net
[3] One single piece: made in one piece consisting of roof, sides and fronts
[4] Opening sides: possibility to open them increasing the shaded area
[5] Fabric: ripstop, lightweight and tear-resistant
[6] Double roof: composed of the awning fabric and the Privacy roof which create an air chamber with constant ventilation thus lowering the temperature inside the Privacy room

Enclosure made in one piece with a double ventilated roof. Quick to install, it is ideal for short stays or weekends.


  • Quick installation in 5 minutes
  • Ideal for warm seasons
  • Made in one piece
  • Double roof composed of awning cover and Privacy roof
  • Removable front
  • Transverse rafters and pegs for safe anchoring
  • Complete with Mega Bag to store Privacy Room and poles