Fiamma Side Panels offer both privacy and protection against the weather. They can be installed on either the left or right hand side of the awning. Side Panels are suitable for the F70, F45, F65, F35 Pro and Caravan Store Awnings, and it is also possible to use them on other brands of awnings in conjunction with the, ‘Fiamma Kit Side’ range of products.

The Fiamma front panels are additional panels used to extend the Privacy Room to fit F65 awnings in lengths of 3.4m, 3.7m and 4.0m. These front panels are available in lengths of 20cm, 50cm and 80cm.

Fiamma Blocker Panels are designed to be used on both Fiamma awnings (F70, F45, F65, F35 Pro and Caravan Store) and also on other branded awnings which have a guide rail in the front lead bar.