Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP XL 280cm-310cm Awning Spare Parts

Using the fiamma parts diagram for your awning above, identify which fiamma part you require and then if we hold it in stock it will be available to purchase in the table below.

Please double check your awning length is definitely between 2.8m and 3.1m and check the model is a Caravanstore ZIP XL. The model is usually printed in red on the front of the awning, however if this has faded over time it is also on a sticker which is accessed by winding out the awning and it is normally on the Right hand diagonal arm that pushes the awning out from the vehicle. See a photo below of a typical sticker.

Alternatively if not listed this will be a special order part so use the parts enquiry form accessible via the button below to let us know and we can try and ascertain pricing and availability lead times

Special Order Part Enquiry