Fiamma Awning Spares such as fiamma end caps and arms, gearboxes and legs.
Research part numbers using the Fiamma parts diagrams.
PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot find the Fiamma part you require on our website then please use our Fiamma Parts Enquiry Form We cannot take enquiries for Fiamma parts over the phone as it requires considerable time and effort to locate certain parts.

To ascertain which awning end cap you require for your Fiamma awning use the information available below:-

Fiamma Awnings Models

Fiamma A-Box from 1983 – 1990
F45 Classic -1991
F45 Deluxe -1992
F45 Elegance -1993/1994/1995/1996 different versions
F45 Plus 1996-2002 (different versions Plus / Plus L)
F1 2000-2005
F50 1995-2000
F55 idem
F45i 2002-2007
F45Ti 2007-2013
F45s 2014-
F60 -2004
F65 2004-
F65s 2008-
Zip 1995-

In order to ascertain exactly which fiamma awning spare you require you may need to provide the exact model / serial number of your awning. There is normally a decal on the front face of the wind out pelmet which determines the major version i.e. F45s, but these do fade with time and so if you have a particularly old awning where the decal information isn’t legible you can also check the product sticker which is found by winding out the awning and with your back to the vehicle check the left hand arm and inside face of the pelmet.

How do I find which Fiamma Awning Spares Part Number I need ?

Click on the Fiamma parts diagram link below for your awning and it will show you a 3D Diagram of your awning with the Fiamma parts numbers you can search for on our site:-

F45s Polar White 150-230

F45s Polar White 250-450

F45s Titanium 190-450

F45s Deep Black 190-450

F45s VW T5 Titanium 260-300 – Deep Black 260

F70 Polar White 400-450

F70 Titanium 400-450

F45L Polar White 450-550

F45 L Titanium 450-550

F45 Eagle Polar White 350-450

F45 Ti Polar White 190-450

F45 Ti Titanium 250-450

F45 Ti Titanium VW T5 260

F45 Ti L Polar White 450-550

F45 Ti L Titanium 450-550

F45 i 250-400

F45 Plus 250-400

F45 Plus L 400-550

F45 i L 450-550

F1 Ti Titanium 250-400

F1 Ti Titanium 260