These privacy rooms are the top of the range enclosures for Fiamma F45S / F45L awnings
In fifteen minutes you double the space available for your family

Classic enclosure suitable for all seasons, the best solution for medium and long term stays.

quick installation in 15 minutes with Fast Clip poles
ideal for all seasons
composed of one front panel and two side panels
all Crystal full light windows that can be rolled up, with mosquito net and curtains as standard
3 heights are available: Van [S], Medium [M], Large [L]
standard pegs for safe anchoring
complete with Mega Bag to store Privacy Room and poles

[1] Panels: with roll-up Crystal full light window, fitted with mosquito net and curtains as standard
[2] Additional front panels: with fixed Crystal full light window and curtains as standard equipment
[3] Windows: equipped with a thick velcro strip for a safe closing of the window
[4] Fast Clip: for quick and safe hooking to the awning fabric with internal lever hooks
[5] Zippers: join the front and side panels
[6] Fabric: waterproof and UV-resistant, rot-proof and washable vinyl
[7] Door: it can be positioned on the left side of the front panel and easily moved to the right side of the same
[8] Protective sponge: positioned vertically at the rear of the side panels
[9] Vertical Rafter: telescopic aluminium as standard (2 pieces) to lock the protective sponge

Easier and faster management

From the experience gained with the Privacy Room for F80s, we propose a basic module of 300cm for the whole range of Privacy Room enclosures. All you need to do is purchase the basic module and the related additional front panels: a modular management that allows you to optimize storage space and grants more possibilities to satisfy the customer. The sizes below 300cm will remain unchanged. The Privacy will be produced with a new fabric that has better performing technical characteristics, while the door will have better finishing to increase its water resistance. New curtains and bag with new design complete the restyling.

For Fiamma awnings F45s, F45L

Basic module
[S], [M], [L]
A B Composition
260 cm Van [S]
180-220 cm
Basic module [S]
300 cm Basic module + panel 40 [S]+G
300 cm Medium [M]
225-250 cm

[L] 251-280

Basic module [M] / [L]
350 cm Basic module + panel 50 [M] / [L] + I
375 cm Basic module + panel 75 [M] / [L] + O
400 cm Basic module + panel 100 [M] / [L] + P
425 cm Basic module + panel 125 [M] / [L] + Q
450 cm Basic module + panel 150 [M] / [L] + U
500 cm Basic module + panel 200 [M] / [L] + W
550 cm Basic module + panels 200 + 50 [M] / [L] + W + I