Fiamma Bike Blocks are the retaining arms that hold the top bar of the bike in position on a bike rack.

Bike-Block Pro
The strongest, quickest and safest blocking system for bikes with new design.
The Quick front clamp with its large non-scratch base fits round and oval bike tubes with diameters from 25mm to 100mm.
Suitable for all Carry-Bike models.
Bike-Block Pro D with articulated arm to cover all the medium sized Bike-Blocks.

Bike-Block Pro S
In addition to the classic version of Bike-Block Pro, Fiamma offers the new Bike-Block Pro S, only in black with red inserts.
Fixes the bikes safely and securely. New design, sturdy construction, high quality materials. It secures both round and oval tubes with diameters between 25 and 100mm.

Modern and functional design
Safety, comfort and simplicity make this new product an example of ergonomic use.
The knob is now located at the front of the Block and the fixing of the rubber support has been improved making the Bike-Block Pro S very easy and convenient to use.
Easy and practical. Functional
The knob that fixes the Bike-Block to the Carry-Bike in its changed position, allows free rotation of the clamp.

The Bike-Block Pro S is black with red inserts.
Only one colour that replaces the four previous versions of Bike-Block Pro (red, black, blue and grey) and which blends perfectly with each model of Carry-Bike.